• penyacresta1rm3.jpg Welcome to Penya Union Blaugrana

    Welcome to the website and home of Penya Union Blaugrana an official FC Barcelona supporters club in the United Kingdom. The aim of our penya is to bring together followers of the club through our online community and at matches in Barcelona and beyond


    penyacresta1rm3.jpg Where are we?

    Penya Union Blaugrana is an online community with members based across the whole of the United Kingdom. Our members are active travellers taking in games in Catalunya and beyond.


    penyacresta1rm3.jpg How often do you travel?

    Since our formation in 2007 the penya has been represented in 52 stadiums across 19 countries including the Champions League Finals in Rome, London and Berlin. Almost all home games in La Liga have some penya representation as well as many away games in Spain and across Europe in the Champions League.


    penyacresta1rm3.jpg Can I join the forum?

    In March 2013 we made a decision to make our forum and discussion board a members only area. Access will be granted as part of the membership package.


    penyacresta1rm3.jpg What about match tickets?

    The penya does apply for tickets for major away games and to apply for tickets members must have been a member of the penya for a minimum of 12 months, been an active part of the penya during this period and meet the terms and conditions set out in the application process.


    penyacresta1rm3.jpg Will I get to meet other Penya members?

    Although we don’t have a base we are very active travelling to matches and when the occasion permits regional get-togethers happen for major games.


    penyacresta1rm3.jpg Where can I find more information?

    The membership application process is currently closed


    penyacresta1rm3.jpg Contact us!

    We are on Facebook and Twitter @OfficialCulesUK


    penyacresta1rm3.jpg And finally…

    Don’t confuse us with our friends at Penya Blaugrana London. They are a separate Penya based in London who gather to watch FCB on TV in the capital and can be contacted via their FB page and website at www.pblondon.org