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    • Welcome to Penya Union Blaugrana

      About Us - Welcome to the home of Penya Union Blaugrana an official FC Barcelona Supporters Club in the United Kingdom since 2007. The aim of our penya is to bring followers of the club together through our online community, at matches in Barcelona and beyond as well as social events home and abroad.

      Penya Union Blaugrana is proud to be part of the World Penyes Federation and helping to play a part in promoting the social movement of penyistas around the world.


      Penya Scarf - In November 2018 we took delivery of our new 2018-2019 season Penya Union Blaugrana scarf. These were originally purchased for penya members and we have a very limited stock remaining (update 16.12.2018 FOUR) that are available to purchase. Cost is 15 GBP UK and 19 EUR Europe, price includes delivery.  Please see the contact details at the foot of this page if you want to get in touch to add a scarf to your collection.

       Penya Scarf 2018 (2).jpg


      Joining Penya Union Blaugrana - Membership Application

      New Membership Application is Currently Closed - We regret that due to operational reasons our membership register is closed to new applicants until 31.05.2019. Please revisit our website for future announcements. 

      2018/2019 Membership - For 2018/2019 we are pleased to announce that we have a two-tier membership offer to cater for the different levels of interest that new members may have in following FC Barcelona.

      Social membership and Full membership options are now available.

      Social Member - this membership package would suit the casual FC Barcelona fan who wants to say they belong to an official penya and show their colours as a card holding penya member (penyista) but for now, does not attend matches. Social members will be invited to our gatherings and events and would be welcomed as a new member of our penya. Social membership costs £5.00 and is a one-off fee.

      Full Member - this membership package appeals to those who would like to play a full part in the penya, through travelling to games and joining us on our football and social travels through Europe. Full membership grants access to our online community and travel forum and after a qualifying period (currently 12 months) eligible for tickets allocated to the penya. There is also the opportunity to network with other penyes around the world. Full membership costs £20 joining fee and includes first year subscriptions.

      Fees - Full members joing now would pay £20 then annual membership fees from August 2019 (currently in the region of £6 - £8 per year)

      Conditions of Membership - It is a strict requirement of membership that you supply details of name, address, date of birth and passport number (or equivalent national ID) when requested, as membership is only valid once a member has been added to the official FC Barcelona register of penya members.  

      Contact us about Membership - If you would like to join us or would like further information please get in touch on either of the two email addresses shown below, or via our social media outlets.


      About Penya Union Blaugrana

      Our Base - Penya Union Blaugrana is a social community with members based across the United Kingdom. Our members are active travellers taking in games across Europe. Due to the geographical spread of our membership we meet regularly to watch games, host events and have meetings and social gatherings across the United Kingdom. Details are posted in the travel section of our members forum.  

      Travel Plans - Since our formation in 2007 the penya has been represented at 57 stadiums, in 48 cities across 20 countries including the Champions League Finals in Rome, London and Berlin. We also hold social events, meetings and gatherings across the UK throughout the year.

      Forum Access - Our forum and discussion board is a members only area. Access will be granted as part of the full membership package.

      Match Tickets -  The penya does apply for tickets for major away games and to apply for tickets members must have been with the penya for a minimum of 12 months, been an active part of the penya during this period and meet the terms and conditions set out in the application process.

      Social Media - You can find us on Facebook @Penyaunionblaugrana on Twitter @OfficialCulesUK and Instagram penyaunionblaugrana

      Contact By email - pbunion@fcbworld.org (Penya Board) or penyapresident@virginmedia.com (Penya President)

      London - Don’t confuse us with our friends at Penya Blaugrana London. They are a separate Penya based in London who gather to watch games in the capital and can be contacted via their Facebook page and website at www.pblondon.org

      Scotland - We would also like to signpost any FC Barcelona supporters in the West of Scotland to Penya Blaugrana Irvine who were founded in 2014 and have a base in Ayrshire.   







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